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Diode Control Bus Modul DCB The DCB module is an interface module providing direct access to the internal analog control signals of the DC100/110 rack.   Most of the rack-internal parameters can be read out as set values and as actual values Allows an external control of the DL system via a PC with DA-/AD-interface card   Specifications Allows data transfer to and from a PC by means of a standard Sub-D25 cable Parameters can be read out as well as the system can be controlled by a computer Mostly all internal parameters can be read out as set values (Xset) and as actual values (Xact) All control wires are decoupled via resistors or buffers in order to avoid disturbances in the system Four control channels can be controlled from extern (configurable via jumpers) One selectable parameter can be supervised or fed in via a BNC-connector Technical data Standard input impedance for reading out of parameters:  10 kΩ Input sensitivities for the electrical parameters:         - DCC100/500 mA current:       0 V = 0 mA                                                      1 V = 10 mA         - DCC100/ 3 A current:             0 V = 0 mA                                                      1 V = 100 mA         - Temperature:                          0 V = 0 °C                                                      1 V = 10 °C                                                 This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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