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Diode Temperature Control Modul - DTC The DTC module is a highly stable temperature control unit for laser diodes, like used in spectroscopic applications for example. Available in three versions: a) For driving of a cooler / heater by means of a thermo-electric element (Peltier element) b) As SVL version (set-point velocity limitation) with highly-precise defined velocity limitation, like mostly required for frequency doubling crystals (predefined maximum temperature change per time)   c) For the temperature control of a small mass e.g. a DFB-laser diode Maximum output power 30 W Specifications Different temperature sensors are supported (thermistor 10 kΩ/neg, AD 590, etc.) Temperature (Tset) adjustable via range switch (coarse) and 10-turn potentiometer (fine) Minimum and maximum temperatures (Tmin, Tmax) adjustable via precision trimming potentiometers Control of the thermo-electric element via SubD9-Verbinder Maximum current for the thermo-electric element (ITECmax) adjustable via precision trimming potentiometer Polarity switch for adaptation to different thermo-electric elements SVL version (set-point velocity limitation) with very precisely defined velocity limitation Technical data Maximum output current for the thermo-electric element (ITECmax): 0 to 5 A Maximum output power: 30 W Maximum temperature (Tmax): 0 to + 50 °C (special version - 50 to + 150 °C) Minimum temperature (Tmin): 0 to + 50 °C (special version - 50 to + 150 °C), with Tmin < Tmax Extremely low drift (with DL100 laser head < 2 mK) This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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