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Internship/Diploma work TEM-Messtechnik GmbH offers the possibility for students to perform an internship and/or a diploma thesis within the company. In most cases the work has a close relation to current development projects of TEM Messtechnik. Examples for work tasks are     Microcontroller programming of AVR/C++     PCB layout: design and improvement of PCBs with Altium Designer.     Individual projects according to the current project situation In any case first experience with soldering and usage of measurement devices like oscilloscopes and computers should be available. Experiences with Altium or programming in C++ are favorable. We have already successfully performed several thesis works in cooperation with e.g. the FH Hannover, Prof. Dr. Dreetz and Prof. Dr. Kopp. Please get in contact per e-mail with Dr. Thomas Müller-Wirts: info@tem-messtechnik.de