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Lock-In Regulator Modul LIR The LIR module allows the active locking of the laser frequency of a diode laser to a desired wavelength. This module contains mainly three functions:   Internal modulation source Lock-in amplifier PID-regulator Typically, these functions are used to stabilize the laser towards an atomic absorption line or a cavity-resonance (top-of-fringe-stabilization). Specifications Modulation signal selection between internal modulation source and external signal possible Signal form of the internal modulation source selectable between sine and triangular Frequency of the internal modulation source adjustable via switch (coarse) and potentiometer (fine) Amplitude of the internal modulation source adjustable Phase of the modulation signal adjustable via switch (coarse) and potentiometer (fine) Decoupling and amplification of the lock-in input signal adjustable (DC-decoupling or two different low pass filters) Lock-in amplifier (phase detector) with integrated, adjustable low pass filter Offset of the lock-in signal adjustable Switchable PID-regulator with relock mechanism and adjustable P-, I- and D-terms Output voltage of the PID regulator adjustable Internal and external offset can be added to the output signal of the module per switch Internal offset for the output signal is adjustable External supervision possible by selection of the internal signals as monitor signal Technical data Modulation frequency: 0.6 Hz to 14 kHz Modulation amplitude: 0 V to 10 VSS Cut-off frequencies of the high pass filters for decoupling of the lock-in input signal: 16 Hz, 160 Hz Cut-off frequency of the low pass filter in the lock-in amplifier: 16 mHz to 16 kHz Amplification of the external lock-in input signals: 1 to 3000 Lock-in bandwidth: 16 mHz up to 16 kHz Amplitude range of relock mechanism: - 5 V to + 5 V This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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