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Mode-Locking External-Cavity-Laser (MoLECL) TEM Messtechnik GmbH was associated partner in the BMBF supported associated project MoLECL (BMF FKZ 13N 8317). The coordinator for this project was the Laserzentrum Hannover. A laser distance sensor was developed, which bases on a new principle of measuring. In contrast to the conventional measuring procedure, the measuring surface will take part in the production laser light (illustration below). This happens, when the measuring surface forms an end mirror of the laser resonator. Special modulation of a coated laser diode as amplifier medium causes a laser pulse circulating between laser the diode and the object. The rotational frequency is a measure for the distance of the sensor to the object. Figure: Setup of the MoLECL laser distance sensor The MoLECL-measuring procedure has the advantage, that all collinear test set-ups can be realized. This procedure has a high precision with a resolution higher than 1µm and is characterized for its fast response time of smaller than 100 µs. Through this MoLECL procedure, the following advantages can be combined in a single sensor: Collinear measuring (low shading effect) Interferometrical resolution High measuring data rate Measuring on technical surfaces