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Pound-Drever-Hall Detector Module PDD The PDD module contains all functions for laser stabilization with the HF side band modulation technique (Pound-Drever stabilization).   Output voltage with defined frequency for HF modulation (typically 20 MHz) bandwidth also suitable for resonators with high finesse Available with one or two phase detector and error signal channels Specifications Detection of the phase delay (dispersion) by phase comparison of a base band with a side band and generation of a Pound-Drever-signal Internal oscillator with a defined oscillation frequency as generator for the base band signal Output voltage of the internal oscillator externally available Output voltage of the internal oscillator adjustable via potentiometer Amplification of the photo diode input signal adjustable via potentiometer Additional relative phase adjustable via potentiometer Pound-Drever error signal externally available Optionally as well with two phase detector and error signal channels Technical data Output frequency of the internal oscillator: 20 MHz (standard, other frequencies from 5 to 40 MHz on request) Output amplitude of the internal oscillator: adjustable to up to - 4 dBm Output impedance of the internal oscillator: 50 Ω (standard, adaptation possible via internal resistor) Amplitude of the second harmonic: typically < - 30 dBc at an output amplitude of - 4 dBm Maximum input amplitude of the photo detector signal: - 7 dBm Maximum output voltage of the error signal: - 0.8 V to + 0.8 V Output voltage of the error signal with a regulator bandwidth of up to 1 MHz This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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