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Proportional-Integral-Differential Regulator Module PID The PID module is a universal proportional-integral-differential regulator   Adjustable P-, I- and D-terms High-voltage output with 0 to 150 V      (optionally as well with low-voltage output ± 10 V) Application areas are e.g. the stabilization of a diode laser towards a flank of an atomic resonance or an Airy peak of a Fabry-Perot-interferometer, the stabilization of a laser resonator by driving a piezo actuator, or the compensation of disturbances like acoustic noise, vibrations and temperature changes. Specifications Reset voltage (set point) and search speed of the PID-regulator adjustable P-, I- and D-term each adjustable via potentiometers Switchable relock function Indication of the lock status via LEDs (search, unlock, relock) External modulation or internal modulation possible (via SC module) Output voltage adjustable via precision potentiometer Inverted output voltage per switch selectable External supervision possible by selection of an internal signal as monitor signal Optionally as well with low-voltage output (± 10 V, 20 mA) Technical data Output voltage: 0 V to 150 V, maximum 30 mA and maximum 8 W Optionally with low-voltage output: - 10 V to + 10 V, maximum 20 mA Monitor signal: - 10 Volts to + 10 Volts This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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