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Projects The company TEM Messtechnik participates in publicly funded research projects with cooperating partner companies, research labs and universities:         Future - Fiber-based  ultrafast lasers Development of laser systems that allow for an average power of > 10W and a pulse energy of > 1µJ with < 50 fs pulse duration. More information         Handheld Terahertz Spectrometer for Detection of Explosive Liquids Last occurrences have revealed security gaps in the existing control of flight passengers and their luggage at the airport, which have to be closed. An adequate technique for the detection of dangerous materials is terahertz spectroscopy. It uses the interaction of the electromagnetic field with matter in the terahertz frequency range, returning a spectroscopic fingerprint. More information           Terahertz Measuring for In-vivo-analysis of drought stress at economic plants The determination of the leaf water content is of high importance for numerous aspects in plant science, i.e. for basic research as well as for various aspects of applied plant biology. Unfortunately, most techniques like the common thermo gravimetrical quantification of water content are destructive. In this project a novel method for the determination of leaf water content based on terahertz (THz) technology is investigated. More information   Finished project:        Mode-Locking External-Cavity-Laser (MoLECL) New laser distance sensor: In contrast to conventional measurement techniques, the object surface is involved in the production of laser light. This happens, when the object surface forms an end mirror of the laser resonator. Special modulation of a coated laser diode as amplifier medium results in a laser pulse circulating between laser diode and the object. The rotational frequency is a measure for the distance of the sensor to the object. More information