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Research & Development (Contract development and Consultancy)   TEM Messtechnik right from the beginning aimed at the development of special solutions for scientific and industrial applications in physics, chemistry and medicine: Measurement and control systems Data recording and processing Diode laser systems Optoelectronics Laser stabilization High precision mechanics The development process goes from the first idea to the production-ready solution. It includes customer specific adaption of the standard products, the development of new electronic devices, analog and digital solutions, OEM boards, modular system or stand-alone devices. A focal point is on the high precision and fast regulators for the resonator length (or wavelength selection elements inside of the resonator) of tunable lasers and thus for the wavelength of the emitted light. The employed interferometric and spectroscopical wavelength sensors belong to the products of TEM Messtechnik as well as: PID regulators, lock-in regulators, RF modulation techniques, current sources, temperature controllers, scan generators, high voltage piezo amplifiers, photo diode amplifiers, automatic fiber couplers. The interferometrically controlled, 1000GHz mode-hop free tuning of DFB-laser diodes is an example for these activities. Another core area is the development of control systems for positioning of laser beams (product Aligna®). The end user group ranges from those who employ the Aligna for high precision material processing to research institutions where the stabilization of the laser beam opens new experimental possibilities. Below are examples of previous developments: SCIENCE AND RESEARCH: Control electronics and software for laser diode spectrometers Control of laser conditioning facilities (with YAG lasers) for the age determination of rock probes Control electronics for a 3-color mixer for applications in the laser display and print technology Measurement devices for inspection of high-quality optics with the help of Phase-Shifting-Interferometry CHEMISTRY: Measurement data acquisition and processing systems for probe management, integration of chemical analysis devices (like electronic scales, nuclear spin spectrographs and mass spectrographs) and control of chemical analysis devices for a chemical laboratory. MEDICINE: Temperature sequencer for the melting process control of paraffin in the medical field (pathology - in cooperation with Multiblock) INDUSTRY PRODUCTION: Brightness control for low-pressure metal vapor pressure lamps for applications in quality management and process control in industrial production processes ENERGY: Pump test station for high power pumps in power plants of energy suppliers TV MEDIA PRODUCTION: Control of camera cranes and remote-controlled cameras for TV and film productions