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Scan Controller Module SC The SC module serves for scanning the laser frequency of an external-cavity diode laser head DL100. The DL100 is tuned by moving a grating via a piezo element.   High-voltage output Triggering by external signal possible Thus, a fine tuning of the wavelength of an external-cavity diode laser within the single-mode scan range is possible. Specifications Signal form symmetry of the output signal can be adjusted (triangular or sawtooth shape) Wavelength fine tuning of a diode laser within the single-mode scan range Scan frequency adjustable via range switch (coarse) and potentiometer (fine) Output amplitude adjustable via logarithmic potentiometer Offset can be added and adjusted via a 10-turn potentiometer Output for monitoring the internal trigger signal Input for external trigger signal Delay of the trigger signal adjustable via potentiometer Internal feed forward signal for the laser diode current adjustable via trimming potentiometer (scan ratio between the output voltage of the SC, i.e. the piezo voltage, and the laser diode current) Technical data Scan frequency: 0.01 Hz to 10 kHz Output amplitude: -10 V to +150 V, maximum 30 mA Offset amplitude: - 10 V to 150 V This modular system has been developed for TOPTICA Photonics AG and can be bought there.
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